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A paradise in via Paradisi!

The “Elisa Lari” nursery school is located within a green park , and is located in via Paradisi 4 , Ospizio, Reggio Emilia, five minutes from the historic centre. The internal and external spaces comply with the law and respond to the needs of welcome and serenity, movement, safety, stimulation of children's curiosity and learning.

"MAP" of the school:

Inside the building is only on one floor . Upon entering, on the right there is the management, where the Director is available for families and teachers, while on the left is the Tigrotti section, i.e. the mixed section (3-4-5 years). At the end of the corridor are the rooms for the exclusive use of teachers: bathroom and meeting room. Just before these rooms you have access to the games room , which is a large hall that allows the children of the whole school to have fun together during reception and during the day, as well as being the place designated for lunch for the mixed section and 3 years. From the living room you have access to the kitchen where food is prepared daily, with particular attention to the feeding of children with dietary disorders. The lunch is prepared in accordance with the dietary table approved by the AUSL. The playroom overlooks the dream room , for afternoon rest and the three sections of the nursery school ( Foxes, Dolphins and Bears ), to which the spring section ( Pulcini ) from the year 2009/10. The internal environment is completed by the toilets and a storage room for storing detergents and tools for cleaning the rooms, which remains locked during the children's school hours.

Elisa Lari Nursery School

via Paradisi 4/a,
42121 Reggio Emilia

0522 550087

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A forest all for us!

Outside, the school is fortunate to enjoy a large green area with compliant play material. It is accessible from the lounge, from the five-year section and from the spring section. The latter also has a small enclosed space for its use, set up according to the age of the children. Finally, the school boasts its own " forest ", where children are accompanied to encounter nature and its elements.

More than four walls ...

The school is committed to evaluating local proposals from year to year and accepting those that best meet its educational goals. Generally the resources from which the school benefits are: the Parish Church, for moments of meeting between the adult community and between families with children; the Fondazione I Teatri ei Musei Civici for various cultural outings during the year; sports facilities such as the Onde Chiare swimming pool for the swimming project; the Hospice library for reading sessions; as well as the playrooms and green areas surrounding the school, such as the Campo di Marte, the Paulonie park and the A5 football sports field.

In our area there are also retirement homes and other schools with which thematic or continuity projects are carried out.

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