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The Don Primo Carretti nursery and nursery school is located in the outskirts of the city of Reggio Emilia, in via Maria del Rio n.10, in the street in front of the parish of S. Alberto .

The school building is divided into two floors and was renovated and renovated in 2017: significant improvements were made to both the internal and external environments, thus also changing its appearance. The rooms are bright and comfortable and meet the latest safety and anti-seismic standards. On the ground floor there are the four sections (each of which is equipped with its own services), the office, the computer room, two bathrooms, the lounge with reading corner, an atelier and the kitchen.

On the first floor there is the common dormitory for sections 3, 4, 5 years. The dormitory of the spring nest section is located within the section itself.

The nursery school has large green and shaded spaces surrounding the building with outdoor play structures (slides, castle and more), where children can spend some moments of the day.


Projects and collaborations

The school joins together with other schools in the area to the FISM (Italian Federation of Nursery Schools) of Catholic origin which stipulates specific agreements with local authorities (municipalities and regions) and, at a national level, with the Ministry of Education through the national FISM . From a planning point of view, our school is committed to evaluating the local proposals from year to year and to accepting those that best meet its educational purposes and the annual planning process. The school therefore interacts with the initiatives of other schools in the area and cultural institutions present in the city such as libraries, museums and theatres . The school enriches the training offer through quality projects such as: motor skills course, folk dance course. There is an open and active dialogue and exchange of information with schools of other types and levels to define projects and encourage the growth transition of children (e.g. continuity project with primary school).

Lots of space just for us!

The organization of the spaces of our school allows both opportunities for individual play and the opportunity to share moments of relationship with classmates while respecting the needs of the children. Some spaces in the school are used exclusively by nursery school children, others are also used by the nursery section according to daily time schedules or based on the activities to be carried out within the projects defined by the teaching staff. Finally, other spaces are used simultaneously by nursery and nursery school according to intersection projects.

Primary school
Don Primo Carretti

Via M. Bertolani Del Rio, 10
42122 Reggio Emilia RE

0522 550368

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Environment = relationship

The various environments are structured very carefully with the aim of responding to the cognitive and relational needs and desires of children, but at the same time they are destructured to open up ever new possibilities and compositions of the experience. In particular, the section space is intended first of all as a relational context where listening and attention to the micro world of children are privileged.

School map (click to enlarge):

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