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(Don Bosco)

and special

With us everyone is unique

The aims of our childhood center are defined starting from the boys and girls we welcome, with the originality of their individual path and the relationships that bind them to the family and the social environment.

The educational community is a community of children in relationship with other children. In relationships with peers, children dedicate time and attention to each other, imitate each other, exchange roles, live and experiment with their identity in comparison with others, express and develop their skills .

small community

We live together as one

We have fun

a lot

The educational program stimulates children to discover and play , allows them to experiment but also to relax. We try to involve every aspect of the child's personality and behavior in the activities: motor skills , senses, emotions , cognitive sphere, imagination and creativity.

The large garden allows you to enjoy outdoor design and teaching experiences, a place of profound discoveries and explorations. The educational proposals aim to guarantee significant educational experiences, aimed at promoting children's autonomy and development .

And we play too


Everything is good in ours

school... even


Meals are prepared daily by our school's internal kitchen , choosing fresh , seasonal products. Lunch, experienced in section, allows you to experience mealtime in an atmosphere of quiet , enhancing the beauty of conviviality experienced by all the children together with the teachers.

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